Travis Oliphant for the NumPy core, the NumPy guide, various bug-fixes and code contributions. Paul Dubois, who implemented the original Masked Arrays. Pearu Peterson for f2py, numpy.distutils and help with code organization. Robert Kern for mtrand, bug fixes, help with distutils, code organization, strided tricks and much more. Eric Jones for planning and code contributions. Fernando Perez for code snippets, ideas, bugfixes, and testing. Ed Schofield for patches, bugfixes, testing, and docstrings. Robert Cimrman for array set operations and numpy.distutils help. John Hunter for code snippets from matplotlib. Chris Hanley for help with, testing, and bug fixes. Travis Vaught for administration, community coordination and marketing. Joe Cooper, Jeff Strunk for administration. Eric Firing for bugfixes. Arnd Baecker for 64-bit testing. David Cooke for many code improvements including the auto-generated C-API, and optimizations. Andrew Straw for help with the web-page, documentation, packaging and testing. Alexander Belopolsky (Sasha) for Masked array bug-fixes and tests, rank-0 array improvements, scalar math help and other code additions. Francesc Altet for unicode, work on nested record arrays, and bug-fixes. Tim Hochberg for getting the build working on MSVC, optimization improvements, and code review. Charles (Chuck) Harris for the sorting code originally written for Numarray and for improvements to polyfit, many bug fixes, delving into the C code, release management, and documentation. David Huard for histogram improvements including 2-D and d-D code and other bug-fixes. Stefan van der Walt for numerous bug-fixes, testing and documentation. Albert Strasheim for documentation, bug-fixes, regression tests and Valgrind expertise. David Cournapeau for build support, doc-and-bug fixes, and code contributions including fast_clipping. Jarrod Millman for release management, community coordination, and code clean up. Chris Burns for work on memory mapped arrays and bug-fixes. Pauli Virtanen for documentation, bug-fixes, lookfor and the documentation editor. A.M. Archibald for no-copy-reshape code, strided array tricks, documentation and bug-fixes. Pierre Gerard-Marchant for rewriting masked array functionality. Roberto de Almeida for the buffered array iterator. Alan McIntyre for updating the NumPy test framework to use nose, improve the test coverage, and enhancing the test system documentation. Joe Harrington for administering the 2008 Documentation Sprint. Mark Wiebe for the new NumPy iterator, the float16 data type, improved low-level data type operations, and other NumPy core improvements. NumPy is based on the Numeric (Jim Hugunin, Paul Dubois, Konrad Hinsen, and David Ascher) and NumArray (Perry Greenfield, J Todd Miller, Rick White and Paul Barrett) projects. We thank them for paving the way ahead. Institutions ------------ Enthought for providing resources and finances for development of NumPy. UC Berkeley for providing travel money and hosting numerous sprints. The University of Central Florida for funding the 2008 Documentation Marathon. The University of Stellenbosch for hosting the buildbot.